TableĀ 2.

Averaged porosity and the end-point members of the capillary equilibrium upscaling applied to the heterogeneous ensemble, as well as fractions of the individual facies in the heterogeneous ensemble in all formations

FormationAverage porosity [-]Srw [-]Srg [-]krg max [-]pd [bar]Facies fractions
Shale (%)Fine sand (%)Medium sand (%)Coarse sand (%)
Upper Rhaetian0.1260.5220.0930.3000.563.4036.600.000.00
Upper Shale, Middle Rhaetian0.2890.4200.1530.4960.29.1543.0047.850.00
Main Sandstone, Middle Rhaetian0.3320.3550.2500.8520.10.1017.8528.7753.28
Lower Shale, Middle Rhaetian0.1080.5520.0800.2990.572.8627.140.000.00
Lower Rhaetian0.1540.5300.1070.4950.258.2323.2518.520.00

Srw and Srg are the respective residual water and gas saturations, krg max is the maximum relative permeability for gas and pd is the displacement pressure for gas.