Table 1.

Key elements of type fields within East African petroleum provinces

BasinField typeApproximate reservesReservoirSource rockSealTrap typeReference
AlbertineJobi-Rii308  MMbblsMiddle Miocene fluvial clasticsLate Miocene lacustrine shaleLate Miocene lacustrine shale, fault plane seal related to dynamic charge system. Possible ultimate tar mat sidesealMultiple fault blocks with fault plane sealAbeinomugisha & Kasande (2012); Simon et al. (2017)
South LokicharNgamia297 MMbblsEarly Miocene fluvial clastics
(Auwerwer and Lokone Formations)
Early Miocene lacustrine shale
(Lokone Shale)
Early Miocene lacustrine shale, basement and/or conglomerate sideseal3-way dip versus hanging wall of basin bounding faultAfrica Oil Corp (2016)
Mafia DeepMzia5 TcfCampanian intraslope basin fill turbidites ponded by Seagap fracture zoneEarly to Middle Jurassic, lacustrine to shallow marineDeep marine shales, onlap to major downcut/unconformity3-way dip on structure related to Seagap fracture zone inversion against onlap surfacePike et al. (2015); Sayers (2016); Brown (2013)
RovumaProsperidade-Mamba80 TcfMultiple reservoirs from Eocene to Miocene, main reservoir in Oligocene, turbidites reshaped by contourite currentsEarly to Middle Jurassic, lacustrine to shallow marineMultiple deep marine shales3-way dip versus downthrown side of inner toe thrust and/or stratigraphic pinchoutFletcher (2017); Palermo et al. (2014)
MozambiquePande and Temane5 TcfMaastrichtian–Paleocene shoreface to shallow shelf sandstones (Grudja Formation)Neocomian–Aptian marine shale (Domo Formation)Maastrichtian–Paleocene shallow marine shales, lateral facies change to coastal shales3-way dip versus stratigraphic (coastal) pinchoutDale et al. (2016); Logering & Milkov (2017)
OgadenCalub and Hilala4 TcfLate Triassic to Early Jurassic transgessive sandstone, Late Permian fluvial sandstoneEarly Triassic lacustrine shale (Bokh Formation)Early Jurassic transgressive shales, Early Triassic lacustrine shaleFault block and drapeHunegnaw et al. (1998); Zhou et al. (2013)
Morondava/SakamenaBemolanga and Tsisimoro (heavy oil)Up to 6000 MMbbls in placeLate Triassic fluvial sandstone
(Isalo Formation)
Early Triassic lagoonal to lacustrine shale (Middle Sakamena Formation)Late Triassic fluvial shaleExhumed fault block, heavily segmented by volcanic intrusionsClark & Rasoanandrianina (2002)