Table 3.

Tested travertine samples with their sizes and the experimental conditions

Test code*Dimensions (l × w × h) (cm)σn(max) (MPa)Dry density (g cm–3)Wet density (g cm–3)Bulk density from the CT scan (g cm–3)Porosity calculated from density (%)Porosity calculated from the CT scanD (mm)Shear rate up to 50 mm of displacement (mm min–1)Shear rate after 50 mm of displacementVertical loading rate (MPa min–1)Pore pressure (MPa)Reverse shearHydraulic response
B2T1N35D1223.9 × 11 × 15352.382.452.4015.217.61200.1710.400.1NoYes
B2T2N40D1223.9 × 11 × 15402.372.432.4016.417.3NoYes
B2T3N45D1223.6 × 11 × 15452.402.472.4214.017.9YesNo
  • * B, block; T, travertine; N, σn, max effective vertical stress; D, shear displacement.