Table 2

Parameters used in the forward model

Inflow location Easting (m)
Inflow location Northing (m)
Inflow direction (°E of N)
Inflow width (m)
Inflow thickness (m)Also controls inflow velocity (assumes Froude Number∼1.0)
Deposit volume (km3)
Flow concentration (%)Flow volume=Deposit volume/concentration
Grain density (kg m−3)Fixed at 2500 kg m−3
Sea-water density (kg m−3)Fixed at 1030 kg m−3
Inflow grain distribution modal diameter (μm)Inflow assumed to have a log-normal distribution
Inflow grain distribution sorting index (φ)Defined as standard deviation of φ
Seafloor roughness (m)Controls relation between basal shear stress and flow speed
Sand diameter (μm)Defines coarse-fine transition. Fixed at 250 μm
Pelagic thickness (m)Thickness of fine sediment deposited between flows
  • Inverse modelling attempts to determine these parameters by finding values that minimize the root mean square error between the NTG in the wells and the coarse-fractions produced by the model.